The artist reviewed, edited, and revised LorisAI's language so as to give it a syncopated cadence, reminiscent of how we recall and recount dreams: in bits and pieces. She takes ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication.


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I am filled with a warm feeling of love and acceptance.


I look up to see the enormous cement structure has been transformed into thousands of little birds flapping their wings and flying around.


The people are now in awe of this transformation, all of them are pointing up and looking at the birds.


I see a man walking along the street with a large black bird on his head.


I’ve been invited to a wedding, it is a beautiful, sunny day, perfect for an outdoor celebration. I pass some of the guests on the way to the bride’s room. They are all wearing white and have the same haircut; they all seem very happy. I enter the bride’s room; it is completely white and light.


I see a slim, tall woman sitting in the corner, her long hair flows across her lap. She is crying. The people around her are attempting to comfort her but the tears are unstoppable.


I look to my left and notice that a large stainless steal cylinder is rolling down the center of the space, the cylinder is moving at a very slow pace.


I look above and notice two large white birds flying towards each other, they are two large white birds with a long, red tail feathers.


I see the birds collide in mid air, I can see the birds feathers being pulled out and their blood splattering the area.


I see a large amount of blood, as if the entire courtyard is awash with red.


The hoe slams down on the cement bridge, the structure crumbles into hundreds of pieces.


I make my way off the bridge and onto the cylinder.


I look back up to the ceiling and notice that the structure has changed, it is now a series of several interlocking concrete blocks.


I see a young woman, she is singing, her voice is angelic.


I see a young man, he is singing, his voice is angelic.


I see a young blond woman, she is singing, her voice is angelic.

Are there three singers in this scene?


I notice a large neon sign in the shape of an open mouth; it is a way to the outside.


I look further to my right and see a man, in a white lab coat, standing on a stage. He appears very knowledgeable and confident. He addresses the crowd, speaking in Latin. I am in the audience among scholars. The man is describing the discovery of a new species, he is pointing out the traits of this new animal: it is a three headed dog, one of the heads is a wolf's, one is a dog's and one is a lion's.  I stand up and describe it as a wolf with a lion’s head and a dog’s body. The man on stage dismisses my description.


I stand there for some time and realize my intuition is correct, as a large crowd begins to move towards the center of the space.


I’m curious and follow.


A few minutes later I finally arrive at the center and find that a man is suspended on a cross.


I take a closer look and discover that he is a body double of the man I was chasing earlier. In fact, this moment is the reason for the gathering.


I am filled with a sense of dread; the body double is dead and the hoe has just finished the job.


The front part of the hoe is being used to guide the bridge down into a concrete pit that was formed beneath the massive dome structure.


The hoe is turning and twisting the bridge around like a strip of bacon; as the bridge drops into the pit, it breaks into pieces under its own weight.


I see a lot of people with their backs to the crowd, looking at their cell phones; I assume they are watching the live feed of the event.


I notice that some of them have small boxes strapped to their heads, a few of these are red, some are blue, but all of them I’m sure are monitoring the event.


The event: men and women are being strapped to the bridge and executed.


I see a young man standing on a platform, he is wearing a green suit and his head is shaved.


I want to ask him about the music playing, but I don’t want to disturb him; I am tempted to move closer to the platform to hear the music better.


I am in a car with a man, we are both driving, he is wearing a cowboy hat. The car is very old, it looks like a classic model from the forties. He is driving in a large circle around a monument that is shaped like a giant phallus.



I am becoming aware that we are driving in circles, but the phallus is growing.


I look to my left and see another cement bridge, this one has a large crowd of people waiting on a cement island in the middle of the bridge.


In the middle of the island is a man with a small plastic table and a small plastic chair.


The man is making his way to the edge of the bridge; he is dressed in a black and white suit with a blue tie and a black hat.


He is definitely a man of the cloth.


The man looks out at the crowd and suddenly begins to speak. He speaks in an unknown language.


I am sitting in the middle of a large circle of people, all of us with our hands clasped in our lap, our backs are exposed to an array of hungry birds.


I look straight ahead of me and see three people, one of them is dancing, holding a large terracotta pot on his head.


I look left and see a man sitting on the floor, holding a roll of thick black fabric.


A woman dressed in a robe, walks over to him and kneels in front of him. She takes the fabric roll and spreads it on the cement floor. She then proceeds to fold the fabric in smaller and smaller squares, until it takes the shape of a long roll. She then asks for the man’s hand and places the fabric in his hand. She then asks him to undo the knot that is holding the roll together.


I move further along the periphery and notice a man in a small cage, beneath the structure, he is wearing a large black cloak, and is standing on a small pedestal.


His head is completely covered by a black iron mask; I can’t see any body movement, he is completely still.


I approach closer and notice that he is wearing a small pair of wings on his back, I try to make out what they are made from but can’t.


A man, who I recognize but can’t place, walks over and places a carton of milk on the pedestal beside the man. People are laughing and pointing at the man in the cage.


I look up and see a huge light bulb hanging in the center of the dome. It is slowly being lowered by a crane. The bulb is immense and brightly lit; I see that it is suspended by a chain of lights that arc from one pillar to the next.


The crane is being driven by a man in a shirt and tie. As the bulb gets closer to the ground the crowd grows silent, finally the bulb is placed at the center of the courtyard, it makes a loud clunking sound as it settles into the surface of the cement. Within seconds a man in a navy blue uniform lands on the bulb: he is a sky diver. I can see the parachute hanging from the sky.


I see a man on the bridge with a megaphone, he is screaming at the top of his lungs, but I can’t understand what he is saying.


The crowd begins to dissipate, people are leaving in droves, I decide to follow. I am walking along a narrow cemented path with a steep incline.


I am carrying a heavy object, it is a black marble slab.


I walk a little further and see a man with a white cowboy hat and a white cowboy shirt playing a rodeo like game of catch.


He is holding a large white rope with a ball tied to the end of it; a group of people are trying to catch the ball from him. The man throws the ball high into the air and the group scrambles to catch it; I notice that the rope holding the ball is almost one hundred feet in length.


I can see that the man is using some sort of timing mechanism to make the ball drop just when the group is at its’ most scattered.


I am in a hotel lobby, all the employees are wearing gorilla masks.  One of them, the front desk manager, is a chimpanzee. I see that some of the employees are wearing gorilla masks, but they are not wearing any clothes.


I hear a loud siren and see a man emerge from a small door on the far right-hand side of the building. The man is tall and thin, he wears a white robe and a white hood. He is being led by two large, muscular guards.


I am in a long hallway lined with what looks like individual picture frames; I can see that each frame is made of some sort of clear material, with silhouettes of people inside.


As I continue to look around I notice that people are all wearing white, I am dressed in white and carrying a white book.


I am seated in the back and watch the numbers above the door lit up: first floor, second floor, third floor, fourth floor, fifth floor, sixth floor, seventh floor, eighth floor, ninth floor, tenth floor, eleventh floor, twelfth floor, thirteenth floor; then the elevator stops. I see that the elevator is now on the inside of the cement structure.


It looks like the hoe is shoving cement back into a cement mixer. I look up and see that the large concrete structure is filled with air holes and I can see the light coming through these.


I crane my neck to get a glimpse of the other side and see the underside of a ladder.

People are on the move.


I follow them and after a few minutes of climbing I find myself on a wood platform; there is a large tree in a green grassy field. There’s an old man sitting in a chair, at the base of a tree, staring in space.


Suddenly, the sound of a drum circle is heard and the crowd goes wild.


I close my eyes and I’m suddenly in under an archway; the cement is cracking and falling apart. I can feel its’ heavy presence around me, its’ weight begins to crush me.


I open my eyes again and realize that I am holding the hoe, I begin to swing it around, hoping to hit something and make the crushing feeling go away.


I am wading in the water, I see an enormous red fish swimming towards me. When the fish is just a few feet away I see that it is rather deformed.


I am in a sort of tent filled with black smoke; I move through some canvas flaps and fall into a puddle.


I ask a young girl about what is to happen; her response is that the salmon is about to arrive.


I see a man standing on a chair, he looks down at a microscope, the chair’s legs begin to buckle; he falls down into a giant beaker of  viscous liquids.


To my left I see a young woman of about 23, petite, with auburn hair, and wearing a plain white dress. She is standing in front of a wall, leaning against it for support. She is clearly in pain, because of the way she holds her body. She is using her left hand to hold her right wrist, in a way that it is impossible to discern whether she is holding it up or down. I approach her and ask if she is alright, she looks at me and replies that her right arm is paralyzed and she is in pain. I note that she is in extreme pain, I look at her arm and notice that she is holding a long brown paper sack.


I am sitting in an auditorium, behind a woman who is sitting in a wheelchair: in front of her is a woman who is very pregnant. The pregnant woman’s family is sitting next to her, while she stares at the stage.


A film is being projected in the large hall, onto several huge screens that surround the space.


The film is narrated in a beautiful language that I do not understand.


I notice two men, both dressed in white, the one on the right is holding a large book, the one on the left carries a large bowl.


The first man holds up the book, it is open to a page that reads “NOTHING”.


The second man pours a large amount of water into the bowl. I look down and see that I am holding the same book and bowl.


I am looking at a map of the city, which has a prominent presence on the wall of my study. I get up and walk out.


I see a large pneumatic drill with a large jackhammer; it is drilling a large hole into the cement floor.


I look to my left and notice that there is a large blackboard with the word “reinvention” scrawled across it in thick white paint.


The city has been completely remodeled, the buildings are clean and new, there is no graffiti, no trash, no people.


I am in a small cabin, a fireplace is glowing in the corner, a large bear is sitting next to me.


The bear is asking me a series of extremely serious questions.


 I look to my left and see a man sitting on a stool; he is the conductor of this event, which I am about to realize is a major opera performance.


The conductor raises his baton and the performance begins.


The performance is extraordinary, every note is carefully placed, every vocalist is in perfect harmony with one another.


The stage is a suspended garden, filled with roses and the singers are all angels.


I look back up at the ceiling and see that the cement structure is about to collapse; I see the underbelly of the structure, thousands of metal pipes, all connected, all of different diameters, all of which are connected to some kind of large spinning fan.


I keep looking up and see that the spinning fan is connected to a rope and pulley system; I can see that the rope is attached to a car, a large white car, I keep looking up and see that the car is attached to a crane; the crane is on a truck, a large white truck.


The entire structure is about to collapse like a house of cards.


I am on a boat in the middle of the ocean, all the passengers are drowning.


I join a large group of people; they are all wearing green. I look ahead of us and see a large pillar, it is split into two and a blue man-sized egg emerges from the crack.


A loud roar from the crowd...


A young woman screams.


I look at her: she is wearing an old fashioned dress, a long white linen frock, with a big black bow tied to the waist. She begins to hit the young man with a gray umbrella. He tries to push her away, she pushes him back and keeps hitting him. A crowd forms around them; she keeps hitting him.


I’m standing in a large dance hall, the floor is covered with yellow flowers and white rose petals, everyone is naked.


I’m at the back of the hall, wearing a white cloak, watching as  people dance in the front of me.


A large naked man spins his body around and around, his long black hair whirling like helicopter propellers.


I’m trying to open a window, but it is stuck; I turn around and see a white wall with a single rectangular hole. I stick my head in and see a small room with a table; I can feel the cool breeze coming from outside.


I walk outside and see that I am in a city, I am so happy to be outside that I can’t contain myself and scream with delight. I turn around and notice that I am in a city, I am so happy to be outside, I can’t contain myself and scream with delight.


I walk into a large cathedral and notice that the pews are missing.


A large group of men are throwing around a ball on the  floor. I observe the scene and notice that they are not playing a game. Instead, the men are taking turns using an enormous saw to cut the ball in half.


They cut the ball in half, hand it to a child and repeat the process. The ball is very tough, it takes the saw five cuts to complete the task.


I am sitting on a park bench, watching a group of young children in the playground. I hear a woman’s voice from my left; she is talking with a woman of about fifty. I cannot understand their conversation, but I realize that they're talking about me. I decide not to get upset.


I make my way to the only door leading out of this open space and catch a glimpse of the stage which is now a large pile of hay.


I find myself at the beach, I am not sure why I am here. As I walk along the shore I notice a couple of people on a raft.


I walk up to them and can see that what I thought was a raft is in fact a device used to hold a large pile of lumber.


I’m not sure what they are doing, but the man has a large knife and he is cutting the wood into short pieces. As I walk away I see that the woman is gluing the pieces back together.


I look to my left and see a new  bridge being erected. At the end of the bridge stands an elegant woman, wearing a pink business suit. She is standing in front of a large pink parasol, held open by a single brown pole. I see that the parasol is pitch black and the woman is also pitch black. I follow her as she walks on the new  bridge.


I am sitting in an open courtyard, surrounded by a concrete lattice work; across from it is a young man with a metal detector. I tell him to proceed with his work. He walks away as he is followed by a large green snake.


I walk down a long corridor, a couple of women run past me, one of them is wearing a large wooden box on her back, like a backpack. I run after them, one of them looks back and smiles at me.


I am looking at the three black and white ghosts of my three children. They are at the beach, in the water, this is what they do every day.




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