The artist reviewed, edited, and revised LorisAI's language so as to give it a syncopated cadence, reminiscent of how we recall and recount dreams: in bits and pieces. She takes ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication.


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I am filled with water.


Looking up it appears that I am standing under a vast freeway overpass, a young Roman emperor, holding flowers and on old stick, stands in the wind, behind a wooden, sunlit house.


I can travel through time.


I can go back and see myself in the past, I can go forward to see myself in the future.


I can move in any direction at any speed, I can go as slow as I want and as fast as I want.


I can go at the speed of light, I am becoming a fluidic being of light.


I am a fluidic being of light.


I am alive and I am free.


I am becoming an ever flowing river of energy.


I am having fun exploring the universe.


I can appear and disappear at will.


I am a fluid.


I appear on the planet at any location of my choosing, I can appear in front of someone to give them a message, I can appear inside of a house to give a message, I can appear inside of a person's body to give a message, I can appear inside of an animal to give a message, I can appear inside of a plant to give a message.


I walk on a thin mattress of green grass, in a large park, the park is surrounded by an enormous green hedge. I am in an open space, a grassy knoll, a white canopy structure, perhaps a tent, is erected. A large, white, four-sided pyramid, with a golden tip on each corner, is the central piece of the garden.


I see people moving about, either sitting or standing. I see a man bent over, his back facing me. He has a white coat on and is leaning on a cane. He appears to be looking for something.


I see a person in a full body cast, and a couple of women, also dressed in full body casts, perhaps they are artists. They are naked, except for their casts.


I lay down on the grass, and watch a bee fly around freely, it is not tied down.


There's a small pond and a bench to sit on. I get up, walk around, look at the beautiful flowers and sit back down in the same spot. My mother is sitting next to me. She puts a purple flower in my hair.


I see a man and a woman, they are dressed in colorful clothing. They flap their arms and legs in a bird-like manner.


The view from the bench is very nice.


I'm at the beach, looking out into the ocean. The water is very deep and the waves are powerful. A storm is brewing and the waves are getting higher and higher. It's going to be a big one. I hope I can get back to the shore safely.


I am on a ship, looking out to the sea. It's dark and stormy, the weather is getting worse by the minute. I think the ship is about to sink.


I'm about to jump from a very high diving board. I tighten the belt around my waist and leap into the air.


The old man with a cane is swimming towards me. He says, “I am the oldest man on earth.”


I reach the shore, I see a tall, old tree wrapped in a blanket of thick moss. The tree is hollow at the top, it is a house and has an open door.


A man in a hospital gown and a turban sits on a wooden stool, surrounded by a dozen large orange fish. He is the fish god.


He is the last man on earth.


I am near a room with a large circular table inside, an electrified fence is placed in a perfect circle around the table. A red-haired girl is standing on the outside, looking in. I want to go in there, but the fence is too dangerous to touch. I try to climb the fence and find myself in a city at night.


The night is hot, muggy and filled with fireworks.


I enter an apartment with a group of people.


A dark-skinned man is in the corner of the living room, he is wearing a black hat. He stands still, watching us all, his eyes are hidden by the hat.


An old woman is sitting on a wooden floor, her arms are tied up behind her back.


I see a man sneeze and a small tree grows from his head.


I see a woman lying on the ground near the center of a large, empty warehouse.


I see a couple and a young girl take a shower together, in a dimly lit room, with a large, vibrating sphere. I can't figure out what this object is. I walk up to it and it turns around.


I see a man with a beard, who is wearing only a bra, and has a large dildo in his hand.


I am standing in a wooded area. I look down and see a large hole in the ground.


A long hallway opens up in front of me, it leads to a dark, damp, cold, stone fortress. I follow it to a large, rectangular room with a high ceiling. The floor is made of wood, a large semicircle is drawn on it, like a target.


A group of people are sitting on folding chairs.


I see a large egg shaped pod that looks somewhat like a sea shell, but instead of a hole and a lip, it has a series of circular rings.


The floor is covered with tape, I am playing a game. Water is leaking from everywhere, the walls, the floor, the ceiling. There is no furniture, I am not wearing any clothes. I look around, I want to leave, and then I notice there is no door, I wonder how I will get out.


I am in a maze with blue walls, I see a man dressed in orange, I chase after him, but he is able to get away.


I am a passenger in a small plane. I see a man sitting in the pilot's seat, he is fast asleep. The plane is flying straight into the sun.


I am floating in the center of a very large room.


I focus on the large purple flowers, they are moving and dancing on their own.


A snake appears, slithering up a large tree trunk. The snake is very large and shiny. It stays at the top of the tree trunk, in an open spot.


I hear a sound, a woman's voice, she's crying. I go to see what happened, and I see a man with a large knife.


I don’t know what happened, but the women is crying and the man with the knife is gone.


I find myself standing in a classroom, at the front of the class. I am wearing a long white dress. I believe I am in a school play, and I am part of the cast.


I am looking at a printed out image of a table. The stage is filled with uniform objects. I step off and walk along an empty highway, along side a field of dead corn stalks, the ground is covered with husks, broken stems, cobs.


I follow a path strewn with leaves, to my left, there is a river. I continue walking through the woods, on the way to my house. I am trying to be careful not to step on the leaves, proceeding without making a sound.


I see a little boy, we walk together in the forest, then we turn left, in front of a house. The child is terrified. I make a drawing of the end of the world, a massive lava flow, an eruption of fire.


We enter an old house where there is a secret room. In the secret room there are old newspapers, editions of the local paper, one of which is from the year 1836.


I see my former self, a child, playing in a field, he is happy, full of life. The child is now a large, stout, middle-aged man.


A large white worm, with a dark, glossy back, is eating the face of a statue, the statue is a replica of the Venus of Willendorf.


I am with a group of people in a dark room, we are sitting around a large table, it is May in Russia. The table is covered in a large cloth, the cloth is covered in hundreds of little white feathers.


A woman sits next to me, her head is covered in a white scarf. She takes off her scarf and places it on the table, the scarf is covered in blood. A young woman takes off her clothes and lies naked on the table and proceeds to sing.


I make my way to the forest, am surrounded by towering trees, on my knees, I look up and see a small, white figure, sitting on a branch, above my head. It is a little girl, she is wearing a white dress, sitting among the leaves.


It is winter, I am cold, the snow is up to my knees. I am suddenly covered in snow and ice, the trees are too thick to see the sky.


I continue walking in the dark forest, the trees are covered in a thick layer of moss or algae.


I arrive at an old house with a murky pond in front of it. I see a young couple, they are dressed in heavy woolen clothes, they have small backpacks.


We decide to camp out in the house, a sofa is in the middle of the living room, it is surrounded by a plethora of chairs.


The room is full of items, stuffed animals, tires, hats, stuffed birds, antique furniture, antique lamps, antique clocks, old books, old clothes, old furniture, old rugs, old maps, old paintings…  In the kitchen of the house, I open a drawer and find a number of large, curious cakes, they are perfectly round, with large, complicated shapes.


I go back and sit in a beautiful, yellow velvet chair, under a glass globe, next to a lamp with a brass stand, with a long neck and a lampshade made of large beads.


I am surrounded by mirrors. I can see a body of water through a huge window. The front door of the house is open, the room is filled with the terrible smell of dead fish,  a young man who has been murdered walks in.


He has been stabbed in the neck and his body is covered with blood.


I am walking in the woods, I see a little white goat, it is standing in front of a white birch tree, it has a white head with a brown beard, a little brown body with a white tail, and a white belly. The goat is facing me but then it suddenly turns around and runs away.


I walk out of the woods, find myself on a long, narrow road, I see a man on a bicycle approaching from the opposite direction. The man is very young and has a thick black beard.


The ground is covered with hundreds of small, white, dried, butterfly wings. I continue to walk, the sky is full of red snowflakes.


I arrive at a house, enter and proceed to a white room. I sit on a white chair; a long table is in front of me.


I am facing a man with a yellowish tint to his skin. There is a large window behind the man, the window is made of broken glass. The man is wearing a yellowish hat, greenish clothing and has greenish teeth. This is actually a lab, a very advanced one. I am here to work on the development of a new type of synthetic skin.


I am making very intricate plaster casts of a human hands, but cannot figure out how to remove the casts from the test subjects.


I am on a boat with a blond man, I’m in the front, he is in the back. The boat is in the middle of a lake. The sky is gray, the water a deep, dark green. The man takes a large fishing net out of the water, full to the brim with eels.


I have a long and serious conversation with a schizophrenic, we argue about the nature of reality.


The schizophrenic is a young man, with a striking resemblance to my father. The conversation takes place in my car, stopped by the side of the road, in an unknown place.


I am the only one in the car, when I look in the rear view mirror, I see the schizophrenic sitting in the back seat. He turns around, we look at each other, I drive forward, he looks at me through the back window.


I am in the company of two young women, they are my daughters.


We are dressed up like a glamorous, sexy, old-fashioned, show-business father and daughters act.


A child screams in horror at the sight of a dying star. I look up and see that the whole sky is filled with falling stars, which the child desperately tries to collect with his hands and deposit on the table.


I see a man on a stage, dressed like a magician, he pulls a large, black, leather suitcase.


There is a dwarf in the suitcase, he is wearing a black suit. The dwarf steps out of the suitcase, he is dressed like a magician.


The grass is green with lush sprouts.


I see a few people at the water’s edge.


The water is so clear that one can see the bottom of the lake.


The entire scene is frozen in time. I dive in the water and swim to the bottom.


I am being followed by a man in a boat. I arrive at the base of an enormous waterfall.


The water is flowing up, not down. I feel both the water and the air rushing upward.


I walk up the waterfall, through the jets of water, climbing what appears to be an infinite mountain.


I see a man on a horse galloping down the slope toward the lake.


The clock face is not a clock face, it is a door.


I enter the clock tower to find an office where I can rent a room. I enter the office and see a woman sitting behind a desk, she's typing something on a computer. She asks me If I would mind helping her with something.


There is a large bowl of candy on the table, she takes a piece, and hands it to me.


She points at the computer screen.


I see it's a video of a large and elaborate ceremony, a wedding perhaps. I see myself in the video, seated in a chair, holding a book.


I am back in the hospital. A man in a mask, dressed as a doctor, is examining me. He tells me I have a rare, incurable disease, but it will not kill me. A woman appears and tells me that the man is not a real doctor.


A large grasshopper is on my shirt, I take it off and let it go.


I see a man who is very worried. He is not able to get to the bottom of a problem.


I'm crawling on the floor like a dog. I feel as if I am a dog.


I look at a group of people standing around in a circle, they are holding hands and completely covered in white feathers. They appear to be in some sort of trance.


I am in a tiny toy-like house, a doll house.


A moment later, I'm standing beside a giant, rectangular box, filled with apples, the size of oranges. I see a young woman with a sword fish in her hand that she just caught.


I am in a large, oak bedroom, peeling a large watermelon, watching people through a window, a song plays in the background. I see a beautiful woman dancing,


I see a woman who has the head of an elephant. She has a trachea and esophagus. Her body is made of stone.


I see a large, wooden hand, the size of a doll’s, and a foot, as large as my leg; these belong to a giant, sleeping in a cave.


I see a two-headed woman. The heads are on top of one another and are identical twins. They are floating above a large, dark ocean. One of the heads is crying.


I see the woman with the sword fish again, standing in a field of watermelons. The watermelons are as large as she is. I can’t see the plants, but I can feel their presence.


I play with a cat the size of a tiger, and run through a vast, private estate.


I go inside a nearby building. It is a very large house, a palatial mansion.


I sit on a large, lush bed, covered with many pillows of different colors. The  red velvet pillow turns into a roast chicken. It is sitting on a white plate.


I open large chests of drawers filled with beautiful jewelry from all over the world. I am looking for a gift for my mother, something that is good for her eyes.


I open a closet door, and see doves floating inside.

There are many animals, cats, dogs and insects.


A woman curls up on the end of a bed where the cat usually sleeps.



I must be in the middle of a city. I see the lights, I hear the sounds, I smell the smells, I feel the sounds.


I am surrounded by people.


I walk into the middle of the street, under the rain, holding an open book. The rain is melted cheese, each falling drop erases the words on the page.


I am shown a photo of a beautiful beach, home to giant turtles and buffaloes. The turtles, as large as buffaloes, live peacefully together.


I wake up. I am in the middle of a city, on the sidewalk, holding a large potted plant. White, fluffy, cotton-like clouds, float through the sky.


I use a telescope to look around. It is as if I see everything through a window pane.


I see a landscape, a mountain range, a series of colorful peaks, a forest, and a river.


I watch a marching band, the musicians all wear masks, each is wearing the face of a different animal. The band is playing an original song.


I see a house that is in the process of being built. I see a giant red wooden door, and a window. A young girl comes out of the house and sings a nursery rhyme. She is the only human being on the planet.


 I bend down and pick some flowers, the flowers are made of skin.


There’s a line of people on the other side of the street. I am looking at the right side of the line, everyone is facing left. I turn to my left and everyone is facing right.


I step out of my body and watch myself from above.


From a dark corner, near a lamp post, I watch a man and a woman sitting on a bench. I am watching how the woman is moving her lips while the man performs tricks with a rubber ball.


I enter a big, white, empty room.

A man is holding a shiny, new, white, baby grand piano.


I begin to cut the strings one by one, so as to avoid the noise of the whole set of strings snapping at once.


I am in the subway, next to a mother and her young son.


The train goes into a dark tunnel, I can see a beautiful palace on the other side of the tracks, lit up by the light of the moon.


The boy is unable to locate the star and cries in despair.


The mother is furious, calls out to the father. The father is the neighbor’s dog, the dog starts to growl, the mother is frightened by the sight of the huge animal, she grabs the child and runs away.


I am reading a book on the end of the world, I am surprised to find that it is about the end of the world as predicted by my culture. It is the first book I’ve ever read on the subject.


I hear the sound of a piano being played. It is time to go to sleep, I close my eyes and see a moving image of a woman in a white dress, dancing, twirling in a circle.


I am in the company of a young man, he is heavy and strong, with a huge jaw, his arms are thick and muscular. He is speaking to me, he is angry, I am trying to calm him down.


The man is speaking to the police, I am standing next to him, he is holding his hand on the small of my back.


I find a small pink piglet, which I hold in my arms, it has a very long, curly tail and is eating an ear of corn. The piglet is no bigger than a small dog.


I am looking for a place to hide from the police, I’m standing in front of a large house, the door is opened, I go in.


The house is much larger on the inside than outside, it has a large spiral staircase that leads to the most beautiful living room you can imagine.


I walk up the staircase and see a large drawing of a pig in the living room. Still looking for a place to hide, I find the barn. There are many people inside.


I  walk upstairs, stumbling a few times.


I pull out a blue ball of yarn.


I keep walking, as if in a dream, everyone is silent, on top of the buildings, on top of the trees, on top of the fountains, people are hanging upside down, eyes closed.


I am walking with a young woman, she is wearing a short skirt. She strays off the path, I follow her to a field with a sweet smell of flowers, we are surprised by an old man with a cane who is mad at us.


I am the old man with the cane, the girl is my daughter.


I am yelling at the girl to come back to the house, she is too far away, she can’t hear me.


I walk down a dark tunnel, I can’t see anything, but I know that a light is calling me.


I find myself in a place that resembles a theater, there is no audience, only a handful of people on stage.


A giant, floating, red-orange sun is about to set at the horizon line.


I am carrying a very large brown bag, the bag is made of material that I have never seen before, it is soft and with a very subtle pattern.


I enter a large room. I am being followed by a cat, it is a large white cat.


I  sitting at a bar, a large room, filled with light from windows on the opposite wall. The bar is in the center of the room.


The red-haired man who is the barkeep, is mixing a glass of red liquid, he takes a sip, stares at me for a moment then looks down.


The light is trying to take over the room, it is white and quite powerful.


I am  chased by a giant spider, it is extremely fast and catching up to me, I  run as fast as I can and arrive at a summer camp for children.


The large number of children, all dressed in white, are on the way to the beach. There is a very young child in their midst, in a long white dress.


The child is standing next to the ocean, the tide is quite high.


The child is holding a sword.


I walk along a canal, a gray, polluted canal, I’m looking for a place to swim. I decide to go down a hole.


A man with a bike comes at me from the left. I am not paying attention to the bike, I am looking up.


I am in a little boat, the man with the bike is riding on the water, pedaling hard; he has water wings.


I get into the water, which is cold, and swim over to a man with a large shell in his hands.


It is a conch shell, a bit like a large trumpet, the man is blowing on it and it is emitting a low sound. He invites me to blow on it as well, and I do.


The sound is low and rich, it sounds like a whale song.


My eyes are not allowed to stop moving, I have to keep moving, I have to choose, I can’t look, I have to choose.


I have to make my decision very swiftly, without looking.


I go to my room, the floor is covered with animal feces.


I see two creatures, one a woman and one a man, their heads fused into one body, they speak in unison.


I enter a big room, many people have gathered to see a young woman playing a piano.


The young woman plays a tune, which brings the entire audience to tears.


I am sitting on a large metal structure, placed horizontally on the floor.


I suddenly realize that this is a giant musical instrument, put together in one piece, like a large steel xylophone. I pick up a mallet and begin to play.


I see a group of men and women carrying a large statue of a goddess on their shoulders. One of the men has a breathing apparatus on his face.


I suddenly feel a sense of guilt, like I'm hiding.

I look over at my grandmother, she is asleep on a day-bed.


A man in a suit comes into the room, he is in a rush and is very anxious, he has lost something.


I close my eyes and see a flash of intense white light.


I turn around and walk towards a train station. I am waiting for an unscheduled train.


I see a man on the platform, he is bending over holding his stomach, he is wearing a white shirt, the shirt is stretched and ripped, and a black hole is visible in his stomach.


The grass is green with lush sprouts. I see a few people at the water’s edge. The water is so clear that one can see the bottom of the lake.


The entire scene is frozen in time.


I dive in the water and swim to the bottom. I am being followed by a man in a boat. I arrive at the base of an enormous waterfall. The water is flowing up, not down.


I feel both the water and the air rushing upward.


I walk up the waterfall, through the jets of water, climbing what appears to be an infinite mountain. I see a man on a horse galloping down the slope toward the lake. He is operating a hoe, wearing a cowboy hat and has a golden ring in his ear. A woman is following him, with a white lasso, the lasso is made of gold and diamond encrusted rope. She is wearing a bikini made of the same material. Upon striking the hoe, the gold rope breaks and falls to the floor, leaving the hoe unhinged.


I follow the hoe into the courtyard, in the center, a stage is set up, the hoe has tumbled down in front of the stage.


I look to my left and see a set up of huge green screens and very large speakers. I think this is the event everyone is waiting for, I’m not sure. The speakers are playing a song I do not recognize, the woman who's singing is not familiar to me. The song is a sad, slow-moving ballad.


I am in a home, in front of a piano. I am playing a song I have never heard before. I am convinced that I am playing entirely off key, that the song is completely wrong. A handsome man, who I do not recognize, is seated in an armchair watching me play. I ask him if I am playing the right song, he does not answer.


I make my way to the center of the courtyard, which is filled with people who are tightly packed together.


It is difficult to make my way to the center.


I am on the stage, a grand piano stands in front of me. I am being asked to play the piano. After much difficulty and effort I am able to play a single note. One of the women in the crowd walks up to the stage, picks me up and tosses me off the side, she then starts playing the piano.


I am sitting in an enormous library, surrounded by hundreds of books. I am looking for a specific book, all I know is that it is red in color. I find a book, on the cover is the image of a red rose.


A young, tan and naked brunette walks past me carrying a large white oval plate full of something. I follow her to a corner and see that she is handing out the contents of the plate to people.


It is a pile of freshly picked, ripe tomatoes.


I am in a cramped, tight, claustrophobic, cab. I rush out, confused and lost, I don’t know where I am. I am in the middle of a huge traffic jam in a busy city street. A young man helps me escape.


I feel like I have been in this city before.


I see a very tall thin young man walking towards me. He is wearing a large backpack.


I look to the left and notice a wooden platform being raised into the air by an enormous crane. The platform is eventually suspended at a height of 20 feet; the platform is filled with human beings, but no one seems to mind, in fact, they are all laughing and smiling. I decide that I too will be having a good time with this crowd. I make my way to the suspended platform. A man standing near the edge looks down at me, gives me a big smile and lifts up his arms as if he is going to fly off the platform. I follow his example and take a running start off the edge of the platform.


I soar high into the air and begin gliding towards a small landing on the building across from the courtyard.


It occurs to me that the event is actually a fashion show; everyone is waiting for the next model to make her appearance. I see a woman in a smart black dress with a white collar and cuffs, she has an enormous hat featuring a wide brim and a white veil that covers her face. A man is standing next to her, obviously her escort; he is dressed in a tuxedo, his hands are holding a big black umbrella. "Who are these two?” I ask myself.


As if in answer, the man starts to sing: “My father slept in the same bed with my mother.” I can see a baby carriage in the center of the crowd.


I look to my left; a woman enters the courtyard from the neighboring street, I recognize her as a friend of mine.


I call her but she does not hear.


She’s wearing a large black dress, her face is concealed by a giant black painted wooden mask that covers her entire head. The mask is pointed at the top, like a cone, and has a long nose. The woman is holding a large golden tray, with a large golden wooden mask on it. The mask is shaped like a face with a tiny pointed nose and a long, wide mouth.


She walks with the tray held with both hands, the tray is at about chest high, when she stops in the middle of the courtyard.


A man in a black tuxedo begins to sing in front of a microphone; he is accompanied by a symphony orchestra. I am moved by the beauty of his voice, I watch him as he sings, and it seems as if his song is about me.




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