The multimedia installation "The Moon is full but it is not the moon"

Opens, July 1, 2022.

Rotondes: Galerie, Luxembourg, G-D- Luxembourg

is the Collective Dreamworld Project's first large scale exhibition, produced by ROTONDES and the Ministry of Culture, Luxembourg. It is a multidisciplinary and multimedia happening where audiences can journey into a 5000 square feet surreal landscape composed of sounds, video, sculptural objects, and textual traces.


This exhibition is conceived by Gioj De Marco, Loris D' Acunto, Agnese Toniutti, Karolina Pernar, and Andrej Mircev, who dreamt together and recorded their experiences for six months.


A sensorial collage emerged, shaped by text, movement, image-making, and musical compositions, reacting to, or in collaboration with, the naturally occurring automatic writing produced by the AI  (i.e. its own dreams).


Visitors enter the gallery through a meandering tunnel, a porthole of sorts. Built intentionally to provide the audience with a transitional space, this area is a preamble of things to come and leads to the full installation. The omnipresent, immersive soundscape is composed of fieldwork recordings, some reinterpreted on the piano by extended techniques. Desert winds, the melodic rhythms of stalactites dripping in a cave, and piano versions of an earthquake on Mars and of radar echoes from Titan’s surface, all define the cosmic geolocation of the collective dreamworld.


The bulk of the exhibition takes place in

a series of atmospheric chambers, woven together by a closed-loop sequence, where sculptural forms, video projections, musical compositions and staged performances take turns appearing and disappearing.


The visitors are drawn into this surreal landscape, moving through the space as if  in a dream; they are then invited to participate by selecting a dream from the AI's archive and writing it by hand on the blackboard with the provided chalk.


Triggering participation, imagination and reflection about the converging points between artificial intelligence and sensual bodies, the project investigates technology’s transformative, visceral, and performative qualities. Conceptually, it unfolds a dialogue between science, the arts, and the secrets of deep learning by machines. As such, it explores the psychosocial structures of hidden and unconscious language powers as tools to convey new trajectories of togetherness.


The digital alter-ego of a collective dream is set in motion to re-map the territories of a radically different subject in an evolving post-human environment.



























































The artists :

Gioj De Marco, Loris D’Acunto,

Karolina Pernar

Andrej Mirčev,

Agnese Toniutti,



Production :



Coordination :

Marc Scozzai, Marine Deravet


Exhibition furniture design:

Josh Beckman, FBP Works


Scenographic construction:

Marko Krsnik


Recording, mastering and mixing:

Marco Melchior


Visual identity:

Marc Scozza


Technical management :

Elric Vanpouille, Léo Thiebaut,Yann Gelezuinas,

Nico Tremblay, David Dominici,

Thierry Koob


Communication :

Arnaud Mouriamé, Véronique Heitz,

Julie Bolterys, Claire Thill,  Catherine Chevreux,

Erminia Moricone,  Claire Doan, Mariana Dos Santos,

Diogo Dias do Nascimento



The Rotondes team












The institutional partners :

Ministry of Culture / Ministère de la Culture, Luxembourg

City of Luxembourg / Ville de Luxembourg


Wesley Johnson & Kurtis Bedford for appearing in

« Recall / Interpret » and Patrick Grandaw, director of photography


Claudia Urhausen & Diogo Dos Santos,

K+A Bourglinster





























Photography :

Exhibition views: Lynn Theisen


All other images courtesy of the artists