Collaborative video piece part of  "Pilosus Nuces Orbis"

Opens, January 22, 2022.

Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles

SHE IS THE ONLY HUMAN BEING ON THE PLANET (Gioj De Marco & Carolyn Mason) medium: single channel video 5 min 19 sec The subtitles in this video are exerts from the Collective Dreamworld’s continuous narrative. Text edited by Gioj De Marco and Carolyn Mason. All artists in Pilosus Nuces Orbis have submitted dreams to the project. the gold sparkles, its brilliance is blinding I close my eyes for a moment when I open them, I’m in a dark, damp cave I am covered in a thick layer of dirt I look down and see a large hole in the ground in it, a doll’s wooden hand and a foot, as large as my leg these belong to a giant, sleeping in a cave I see a two-headed woman the identical heads are stacked; one is crying I see a beautiful woman dancing she has a trachea and esophagus I begin my descent into a room with high ceilings I hear a gurgling sound a fish jumps out of the water there’s an old man fishing and a young woman with a sword fish in her hand she is the only human being on the planet I can’t see any plants, but I can feel their presence I play with a cat the size of a tiger I bend down and pick some flowers the flowers are made of skin I sit on the ground with pink yarn too long to roll up into a ball I suck on it and throw it out of my mouth repeatedly I look around and notice the walls of the cavernous room the old man speaks and says: “I am the Fish God” “I am the oldest man on Earth” a sound accompanies the transformation of the yarn into a large white worm with a glossy back the worm is eating the face of the dancing woman the room fills with the terrible smell of dead fish in my hands, is a chain of blackened, dead flowers All images courtesy of the artists